Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello Two Thousand and Fourteen, I do not believe I've introduced myself properly, my name is Kristian. I'm somewhat of an artist and a dreamer, oh and I mustn't forget an adventurer. Although lately, I've only been a tutor, classroom support, lunchtime chaperone, amateur Pokemon trainer, and half marathon runner. With my world revolving around a year of service with City Year I haven't made much time to develop the things I daydream, doodle, and design- my creativity stays hidden in my many journals and sketchbooks and I often spend more time fawning over Pinterest posts instead of my own ideas. Alas, my year of service is quickly coming to a close so I must begin to work diligently on the things I hope to dedicate a lifetime of service to. Not that the last 9 months haven't been amazingly fulfilling, its just now time that I take all that I've learned and all that I aspire to do to bring to life the organization that will best make use of my creative ability and love for working with children. I'm journeying into the land of non-profits and along the way I want to challenge myself, explore new creative concepts, design, build, sew, write, cook, meet, and so much more. I have to really hone my ability as a leader for young people- which means I have to be able to grow and learn every day. I'm going to make my learning experiences as a student of life, as colorful, hope inspired, and meaningful as they can possibly be. Using this blog as a vessel to showcase all the things I get into, I'll do my best to make every post, picture, and update as wonderfully uplifting and enriching as the experiences themselves- so that maybe I can inspire whoever comes across this page. I've got a lot of work to do but until then, Happy 2014!