Tuesday, May 28, 2013

After pouring over nonstop Shel Silverstein, Lewis Carroll, and Dr. Suess I've decided to dedicate how ever many moons I may need to writing the most awesome sauce kids' book. It won't be anything too fancy, most likely a random collection of shorts and doodles (like my hero Mr. Silverstein) but I most certainly want to make sure this book serves a purpose. Uplifting creativity while educating the wee ones has been my goal since day one of art school, but now that I'm out adventuring the wilds of Los Angeles, I need a way to stay relevant to my aspirations and this book may just do that. Character development has already begun and I do believe my concept is pretty legit. I can't wait to bring this book to life!!

In addition to this book of mines, I've been thinking a lot about my creative future. I most certainly intend on graduating from CCS (go peacocks!!!) and I definitely intend on receiving my teaching certification, but most of all I want to open a business. Perhaps I've mentioned it before...

I want a place where kids can come and find inspiration to achieve whatever it is they desire. My goals and dreams began within imagination, dreaming of exploring the world, reading books, creating things the way I saw it in my mind-  it shaped who I am. Sadly there are a ton of kids who are not exposed to the notion of imagination. I see more kids playing on their parents' cell phones than I do outside, enjoying the sunshine. Even in the school systems, administration are starting to lose sight of the creative needs of children. With the STEM curriculum powerhousing academia I'm sure the world is going to see some incredibly smart mathematicians, engineers, and scientists... but what about literary masters and creative geniuses... do they not play a substantial part in the development of, well, THE WORLD?!

An engineer may have programmed the computer your reading this from, but an artist designed it. As well as the chair you're sitting in, and the shirt you're wearing. Every element of a child's education is essential to their development, art AND imagination included.

Ok done ranting for now, I've got some inspiration to go gather.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Photo Credit: Kristian Chanel

I've been California Dreamin' non stop, and finally I'M HERE! Driving down the dusty and abandoned ruins of what has become the historical Route 66, I realized this journey would be an extremely impactful experience, allowing me the opportunity to see things and go places that merely peak the vast mountains of curiosity I possess. In my arrival to this new land, I made it my mission to seek out and conquer every challenge California has waiting for me. With a newly inspired desire for adventure I'm going to explore every city I meet and build with each new experience my creative portfolio, network of peers, and knowledge of the world I exist in. I can't wait for the adventures ahead!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I know that I should be packing and not ranting, but ever since I stumbled upon the banned books list I've been in a complete state of disarray. I've pulled out all my great reads from k-12th and have put them on my shelf to remind me that I must keep the spirit of imagination alive! I'm not sure I would be the camera toting urban explorer I am today if I had not spent hours emerged deeply in the pages of a book. As an only child, reading played an extremely important role in my life. Books were my best of friends and because of them I never found loneliness but instead distant lands, daring heroes (heroines as well) and adventure. My ability to form these grand images from the stories I read made me the artist I am today. Now little ones have to turn to on the television to see what the world has to offer. Its frightening to see how much we rely on technology and not the power of our own minds. We're stunting the creative growth of generations to come and I believe that to be complete poppycock. Yes I said poppycock.

I'm just going to have to hold on to these books and when I achieve my life's goal of opening an imaginarium, these literary landmarks are going to line the walls. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I finally have become the crazy artist who wants to pack up with absolutely nothing and leave home. I've been living on my own for four years now, but in the capacity in which I'm about to attempt, never. It's not everyday I muster enough courage to tell my family and friends "I'm leaving! And I might not come back!" Thats not exactly how I said it, but I finally did, and WOOOOH! It feels great! I'm now gathering what little belongings I have, and leaving the nest that Detroit has become for me. Everything that has taken place in my life the last eight or so months has lead up to this very moment. Yes, even me writing this first post. EVERYTHING. I'm beyond grateful for every experience I've had and in this short life of mines I've learned so many valuable things. I know getting away from my "easy" life and figuring things out in an environment where I'm forced to use every skill set, will be a definite test of the knowledge that has been bestowed upon me. I'm starting to shape the person who I'm meant to be (sorry for the cliche)-  Kristian Chanel, future art educator of the wooooorld. I'm quite excited to see where this journey takes me.