Sunday, July 14, 2013

I was given the opportunity to photograph a lovely little friend of mine, we went on an adventure to the old LA zoo and it was amazing. The empty cages, forgotten paths, and memories of what once was, was incredibly cool and we even got to see a little Shakespeare in the Park. Armed with my camera, a homemade filter for my lens, and a plastic baggie (for the ghosty white washed images) I photographed a pretty important element in my life, dreaming.

My dreams have always been quite bizarre, probably due to my over active imagination and child like understanding of the very scary things in this world. Growing up, my biggest fear was being lost and alone in an unfamiliar place with unknown elements. It haunted my dreams, and even after waking up I always felt that dreadful feeling. Though now I find it as an adventure, as a kid I was terrified. Now, I possess bravery in the face of the unfamiliar and unknown, but sadly I still cower at the thought of being alone in this world. My dreams will always be dark and I will always wake up feeling that dreadful feeling until I conquer this fear. This shoot is a testimony, serving as reminder of what it is I must overcome.

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