Saturday, November 22, 2014

Once upon a time there was a maiden who dreamed of attending a masked ball. She wanted to wear a beautiful dress and dance with a handsome prince. She dreamed and wished, yet no fairy god-mother showed up with an invite. So she and her closest homies decided to throw their own masquerade ball. And it was quite dope.

The End.

I wanted to keep my ghettofairytale short and sweet but I must mention the most wonderful part of it all! Obscure, our magical event, actually served as the very first fundraiser for Imaginarium Creative Outreach (click the little lightbulb on the right to find out more). It was a magical evening complete with live music, dapper ladies and gentlemen, ornate (and sometimes silly) masks, artwork, crystals, and  of course scenes from Metropolis. We had a great time and raised quite a bit of money, it was a successful first event... I'm already dreaming of the next one, no fairy-godmother needed.


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